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My theary.

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My theary.

Post by Jack on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:48 pm

Okay here is my theary...

If games are addictive.
And drugs are addictive...
Doesn't that make WoW a drug?

If WoW is a drug.
It means it costs lots of money,
thus proving part one of my theary.

Blizzard class WoW as a Class A drug as it has a long term effect (adictivness).
So they charge £8.99 a month for those addicts (me) to play.

This means the doctors don't play it, as it would be taking a Class A drug. which they are against.

So really what I am saying. Isnt that WoW is a drug. But that WoW is an addiction..

And to only play it, if you know how to settle an addiction.


Or know how to play the God damn game.

ONLY PLAY IF YOU CAN! Thats my point. I am sick of noobs.

If you wan't to play it, (with me) learn to first! Muthafuckas.#


T'was a joke.

A pint of Irn Bru, and a packet of quavers!

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