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Darkfall Online Facts and Infomation

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Darkfall Online Facts and Infomation

Post by Jack on Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:34 am

Hello, today I am going to share with our members and guests some infomation about Darkfall Online.

Darkfall online is a open PvP game, where you can build cities with your clans. That is not the only thing you can build. You can build a Naval fleet or become a pirate. You can capture a village and use it and st taxes to increase income.

In DF the world is mainly player built with 99% of the world crafted by players.

Also in Darkfall you have to have a second name, (to make it more realistic, as if you were living in the time set). For Example: Fred Ironheart would be acceptable. is the website. For additional facts.

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