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Guest's Can Talk Here

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Guest's Can Talk Here

Post by Jack on Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:34 pm

Hey there,

Considering that you are not joining seems pretty pointless. I mean come on, all you need to do is type a user name, password and then email, and sign in! All that can be done in the Register section. (press register in the navigation bar, if you already have an account, sign in!) .

Well we are all here to talk to you anyway. If it be making games you want to do, play our games, or make movies, animations or anything to do with computers, then you may as well sign up.

There are a few rules... But you can find them in the rules area. (when you sign up!).

I hope to see you soon, and... Please no spamming, just because this area just requires you to type a name and a message, does not mean you can abuse it, and I can ban you I.P address from our network.

Now I think you should sign up. But if not, ok, just don't come crying to me!

A pint of Irn Bru, and a packet of quavers!

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